What is GeneSight?

GeneSight is a company that specializes in testing individuals to find the correct medication, matching it by DNA, which eliminates the trial and error you’d normally face with prescriptions.

GeneSight provides your healthcare provider with the test results so they can better understand what medications are right for you. GeneSight provides test results that are 99.6 percent accurate.

What is Personalized Medicine?

Your genes have a big impact on how effective medications are and whether you’ll have side effects to them. Your DNA also has a lot to do with how quickly your body metabolizes certain medications and gets that medication into your bloodstream.

Depending on your genetic makeup, certain medications may work exceptionally well for you, while others may not work at all. Instead of having trial periods of several types of prescriptions, personalized medication will tell you the best one to try first after a simple test.

If your medication doesn’t work with your unique DNA, you’re not going to get the relief you need, and you’ll also end up with side effects that can be completely avoidable.

Once your healthcare provider receives the test results, they’ll use them and your medical history to come up with a personalized plan that’ll offer you the most effective care. They’ll begin to wean you from the wrong medication and then switch you to the right one.

What Can GeneSight Test For?

GeneSight has four different tests. The first one is for depression, PTSD, and Anxiety. The next one is for acute or chronic pain and another test is for ADHD. Lastly, the fourth test is for folate deficiency.

1.GeneSight Psychotropic

GeneSight Psychotropic is for individuals that have been previously diagnosed with mental health conditions including bipolar disease, depression, anxiety, and schizophrenia.

With this genetic test, you’ll be able to find what works for you so you can avoid having to try numerous medications that will not be effective at all.

2. GeneSight Analgesic

This test is for acute and chronic pain and works by determining how your genetic makeup will respond to FDA-approved opioids, muscle relaxants, and NSAIDs.

3. GeneSight ADHD

The GeneSight ADHD test is for patients who are trying to find the right medication to relieve their symptoms. Having to take different medications can be stressful, but this test will take the guesswork out of it.

This is especially helpful when dealing with children as the side effects of different drugs can be severe. Anything that minimizes the risk and speeds up the process is helpful.

4. GeneSight MTHFR

GeneSight’s MTHFR test is what can help your healthcare provider determine if you need to take L-methyl folate or folic acid supplements to better produce neurotransmitters such as serotonin.

What is The Testing Like?

On GeneSight’s website, you can use the Find a Provider portal to enter your location and find providers close to you. You can also talk to your current doctor to see if they’re able to administer the test to you.

Be sure to tell them why you’d like to get this genetic test and how your current medication isn’t working for you.

You’ll need to make a list of all the medications you’ve tried and any side effects you may be experiencing currently. Another thing you will also need is your medical records from any other doctor you’ve seen previously.

The GeneSight test is not invasive and it only takes about five minutes or less. Your doctor will collect your DNA with an easy cheek swab and then that swab is sent to the GeneSight laboratory for testing.

How Long Does It Take to Receive Results?

The good news is that you don’t have to wait long to receive your results. They typically come back within 36 hours and your healthcare provider will have them for you.

Once your doctor receives the results, you can make an appointment to go over them. You can also find some helpful resources on the GeneSight website to help you understand your results better.

Once you’ve gone over the results with your healthcare provider, they’ll be able to work with you to come up with a unique but effective plan for treating you and your symptoms.

Does Insurance Cover GeneSight?

GeneSight genetic tests aren’t always covered by health insurance, so it’s something you’d want to double check ahead of time, so you’re not met with any surprises.

Some commercial insurance plans will reimburse clients for the price they paid for the test. If you have Medicaid or Medicare, the cost of the test will be $0.

There is a financial assistance plan offered by GeneSight to qualifying members to make the test easier to pay for. If you’re uncertain if your health insurance will pay for the test or a portion of the test, someone from GeneSight will give you a call if the testing will cost you more than $330 out of pocket.

GeneSight Reviews

There are many positive reviews about GeneSight’s genetic testing. A lot of people say that it confirmed the medications they had problems with were on the list of medications that don’t work well with their genetic makeup.

The test results provided them with a list of medication that would work with their DNA, allowing them to switch to a medication that provides the results they hope for.

There are also reviews from people who went through the process of having a loved one’s DNA analyzed. They talk about how this type of testing for personalized medication was able to help their loved one dramatically and change their life.

A lot of people like the way the test results are set up because they’re easy to understand. There will be a green list with the medications that would work for them, a yellow one for medications to try with caution, and then a red one with a list of medications to avoid.

Many people were on medications listed in the red column for many years before realizing it was the wrong thing to be taking.

Of course, there are negative reviews as well. This is not an exact science and it will not always work for everyone. The results given are suggestions and carry no guarantee of medical outcomes. This doesn’t always meet the expectations of every user.

The Bottom Line

When the need for medication arises, it’s helpful to make a better-educated guess as to the best one to try first. GeneSight gives medical professionals a good reason to try one medication over another based on your genetic code.

While it’s not a perfect system, it is leaps and bounds ahead of blindly picking a drug just because it might work.